With a median employee age of 35 and 35% of the population between the ages of 18 and 44, the working population of Elkhart County, Indiana, is embarking on the prolific years of their careers. Elkhart County also boasts a workforce with 89% holding a high school diploma or higher.

Elkhart County remains an economic magnet for the region. Significant growth in population is occurring through both natural increase and international migration. Businesses in the area gain access to a workforce of over half a million individuals within a 35 minute commute.

Ekhart Area Employment

(numbers in thousands)

Manufacturing 69,500
Durable Goods 55,200
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 34,200
Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturing 29,700
Trade, Transportation and Utilities 20,100
Educational & Health Services 12,700
Professional & Business Services 11,200
Retail Trade 9,600
Government 9,500
Leisure & Hospitality 7,800
Wholesale Trade 7,200
Local Government Educational Services 6,500

Source: Indiana Workforce Development 2018

Work Force Data

Local Labor Force 110,526
Labor Force within 25 mi. radius 563,631
Average Wage $45,801
Right-to-Work State

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development, 2018

Elkhart County Educational Data

The following data represents the percentage of 25+ age adults who have received a High School Diploma or more and the percentage of adults who have received a Bachelor’s Degree or more.


County                     High School Diploma                        Bachelor’s Degree

Elkhart                            89%                                                  11%                                          

Kosciusko                       88%                                                  12% 

LaGrange                       93%                                                    7%    

Marshall                         89%                                                  11%                                     

Noble                             91%                                                    9%

St. Joseph                      85%                                                  15%                                    



Source:  STATSindiana 2018


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