We are a not-for-profit economic organization serving the community with the cities, towns, chambers of commerce, investor partners, and businesses of Elkhart County, Indiana. We are known as the “Concierge to Elkhart County Industry”. Our primary objectives are the retention and expansion of local businesses, attraction of new businesses to Elkhart County, and local entrepreneurial development.


Our Mission

  • Create an economically vibrant community by:
  • Recruiting, retaining and strengthening our economic base
  • Being a catalyst for diversification, innovation and economic change

Our Vision

The EDC will leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and regional resources to develop a more prosperous community through a diversified, resilient and knowledge based economy.


History of the EDC of Elkhart County

The EDC of Elkhart County was organized in 2001 as the lead economic development organization in Elkhart County, Indiana. Its primary focus is the retention and expansion of our current business base. In addition, it serves as the primary focal point for companies from outside the area who desire a location in Elkhart County.

Throughout its existence the EDC of Elkhart County has served as the primary organization for economic development. It helps to incorporate many partners in the county (cities, towns and chambers of commerce) making a comprehensive presentation of the assets of our communities and county.

The history of any economic development organization will often parallel other points of history in a community. In many cases, a sense of crisis pervades the community with a drastic loss of jobs and tax base. In some cases, it is a vision that has been established and needs a backbone to it in order for the goals to be accomplished. In other cases, it is a slow, miserable deterioration of the community over a period of time. Whatever the reason, usually community leaders collapse around some common themes and unite in an effort to improve the community.

Regarding the creation of the EDC of Elkhart County, points two and three were most likely the impetus for the founding of the organization.

Throughout this period, the EDC of Elkhart County has become the pre-eminent economic development organization in Elkhart County. It has been able to do this with the aid of several media devices (print, TV, newsletters and other formats). In the meantime, it has also been working with others in the community who have an allied mission to the EDC of Elkhart County (chambers, local units of government, State of Indiana and other organizations).