business-people-meeting-office-1200x675Our Vision

The EDC will leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and regional resources to develop a more prosperous community through a diversified, resilient and knowledge based economy.



The Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County is dedicated to supporting the growth of new and existing businesses in the region. As a part of our strategy to encourage diversified growth, we are offering business consulting support in the form of two new response programs.

Business Response Team

The mission of the Business Response Team (BRT) is to respond quickly and efficiently to business inquiries regarding establishment in Elkhart County, and to provide support for transitioning businesses. Members of the BRT include local Mayors and at least on other public official from each jurisdiction.

Team of Champions

The Team of Champions, made up of local business executives from a range of key industries, aims to provide vision, leadership, resources and advocacy for a more diversified and resilient business community in throughout Elkhart County.

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