Another Record Breaking Year in Elkhart County

Elkhart County continues to strive to become an attractive community to a diverse range of individuals.  The EDC believes that by diversifying our economy and working to attract a much needed workforce, we will add resilience and vitality to our manufacturing industry, which will result in the enhancement of our communities. The EDC worked on 75 projects throughout 2017 resulting in 14 “wins” with a total capital investment of $90,123,843 for Elkhart County.

                                                      Download our 2017 Annual Report to learn more.

The Accolades Continue to Roll In

2016 is another year that Elkhart County shined bright! The Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County once again had another productive year. As part of our mission, we continue to work with existing companies to create connections between other companies, universities and investors for expansions and internal growth. We have also worked diligently to diversify the county, by meeting and welcoming site selectors to visit our communities.The EDC of Elkhart County team worked on 91 projects throughout 2016 as well as 14 expansions of existing companies with total investment for our county of $68,000,000.

                                                    Download our 2016 Annual Report to learn more.

Ongoing Reputation of Excellence

The entrepreneurial spirit of Elkhart County continued to thrive in 2015!  It was another year of significant employment gains and tremendous capital investment as the EDC of Elkhart County team worked on 64 projects throughout 2015 in both distribution and manufacturing.  This year there were 15 expansions of existing companies and 2 new companies locating in Elkhart County with total investment for our county of $141,669,329.

Download our 2015 Annual Report to learn more.

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