Effective Employee Onboarding


Date(s) - June 13, 2019
8:00 am

EDC of Elkhart County


New employee onboarding is a continuous, comprehensive, and organized process of integrating new employees physically, emotionally, and professionally into the new workplace. However, new employees are typically asked to fill out forms, complete some “read and sign” training, meet a few people, and then asked to get to work. Unfortunately, studies have shown that most new employee orientation programs and inadequate and contribute to turnover, quality and safety issues, and poor workplace morale.


In this workshop, you’ll learn

– Explain the goals of an employee onboarding program.

– Explain the four C’s of onboarding: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection.

– Identify strengths and weaknesses of your current onboarding program.

– List common challenges and roadblocks for onboarding programs.

– Begin to develop an onboarding plan for employees new to your organization.


Intended audience: Human resources, organizational development professionals, and other individuals responsible for new employee onboarding.


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