Print Reading in Manufacturing


Date(s) - March 24, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

EDC of Elkhart County


This workshop provides an introduction to reading and interpreting engineering prints and technical drawings used for manufacturing. You will then practice what you have learned through multiple realistic hands-on activities.



– Describe the basic structure and elements of a manufacturing print.

– Describe and identify the types of lines used on prints and the purpose of each.

– Describe and recognize the views typically included on prints.

– Explain how dimensions are indicated on prints.

– Explain the purpose and contents of assembly drawings.

– Recognize and identify symbols included on drawings, including screw threads, holes, and surface finishes.


Topics covered:

– Why we communicate with drawings in manufacturing

– Lines used on prints

– Print sizes

– Title block, including scale, tolerances, and revisions

– Views and visualization

– Section views and their types

– Dimensioning, including placement, angular and circular, and dual dimensioning

– Assembly drawings, including application blocks

– Screw thread representations, including form and class

– Machining specifications, including holes, edges, necks, and undercuts

– Surface texture symbols and specifications


Intended audience:

– All manufacturing personnel, including operators, technicians, and supervisors

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