Our team is responsible for the recruitment, retention and economic vibrancy of business and industry in Elkhart County, Indiana. The team provides concierge services by removing barriers for business, utilizing county as well as state programs.

We are committed to attracting, growing and retaining business and industry for Elkhart County, Indiana. The EDC of Elkhart County provides expert services including:

  • Operational Cost Analysis
  • Incentive Comparisons
  • Workforce Surveys & Research
  • Research & Support for State and Local Tax Structures
  • Connections to Key Resources
  • Project Management

Training / Workforce Development

Assistance in Locating Certification Programs
We work with local educational institutions to help you increase your workforce’s productivity and to prepare them to become part of the next generation of Indiana’s workforce.

Elkhart Career Center Partnership
Students with a wide range of professional interests can take advantage of the opportunity to get a jump start on their futures at the Elkhart Area Career Center.  The ECC provides college level and vocational training to high school and adult students to develop the next generation of skilled trades workers.

Elevate Ventures
Provides strategic sales planning, market research and leadership assessment for second-stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business with sales from outside of Indiana.

Indiana University South Bend – Elkhart Partnership
IUSB provides diverse faculty and student business assistance to assist local business in being more competitive in today’s economy.

Ivy Tech Partnership
Ivy Tech Community College prepares Indiana residents to learn, live, and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering professional, technical, transfer, and lifelong education.

Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership
The Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership leverages resources in both the public and private sectors to help companies identify areas of improvement, streamline processes, and ultimately increase competitiveness.  Click for details: Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Business Site Assistance

Company Networking
The EDC of Elkhart connects businesses that may not be already working together on sales and service partnerships.


Local Incentives

County Real Estate Tax Phase in Real Property Tax Phase-in
New buildings constructed are eligible for real property tax abatement. Substantial improvements to existing buildings may be eligible, but it is important to note that only the value of the improvement to the existing building qualifies. Land does not qualify for phase-in. Real property tax phase-in is a declining percentage of the increase in assessed value of the improvement.

Personal Property Tax Phase-in
Manufacturing and research & development equipment new to Indiana is eligible for personal property tax phase-in. Personal property tax phase-in is a declining percentage of the assessed value of the newly installed manufacturing and / or research and development equipment.

Vacant Property Tax Phase-in
One or two year tax phase-in based on the occupation of a qualifying vacant building.

Incentives and Tax Strategies

Small Business Administration Hub Zone
HUBZone is an underutilized United States Small Business Administration (SBA) program for small companies that operate and employ people in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones). The HUBZoneprogram was created in response to the HUBZone Empowerment Act created by the US Congress in 1998 and the EDC of Elkhart County is available to assist businesses in utilizing this program.

Corporate Income Tax Reduction
Indiana’s corporate income tax rate is steadily decreasing from the current 5.75% to 4.9% by 2021. The tax rate will continue to drop each year as the decrease is phased in.

  • No inventory tax
  • Right-to-Work State

Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit (EDGE)
Provides incentive to businesses to support jobs creation, capital investment and to improve the standard of living for Indiana residents. The refundable corporate income tax credit is calculated as a percentage (not to exceed 100%) of the expected increased tax withholdings generated from new jobs creation. The credit certification is phased in annually for up to 10 years based upon the employment ramp-up outlined by the business.

Headquarter Relocation Tax Credit
Provides a tax credit to corporations relocating their headquarters to Indiana. Credit is assessed against the corporation’s state tax liability.

We connect you to resources that can potentially reduce the effective tax rate that you pay on profits from foreign sales.

Lifo Inventory Solutions
For companies in industries such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing, LIFO almost always provides a significant tax benefit resulting in additional cash flow. The effect of using LIFO is lower inventory values, higher cost of goods sold and lower taxable income.

Manufacturers Sales Tax on End User Goods
When the electricity is part of the manufacturing process (heating, induction, electrolysis), then the energy is a feed stock to the manufacturing process and sales tax does not apply.

Patent Income Exemption
A taxpayer may claim the exemption for 10 years with respect to a particular patent. The total amount of exemptions for patent derived income a taxpayer may claim in a taxable year is $5 million.

R&D Sales Tax Exemption
Taxpayers receive a credit against their Indiana state income tax liability calculated as a percentage of qualified research expenses. Additionally, taxpayers may be refunded sales tax paid from purchases of qualified research and development equipment. The Indiana Department of Revenue oversees these incentive programs.

R&D Tax Credit
The R&D Tax Credit produces substantial incentives for companies who have devoted time and resources to new or innovative products or manufacturing processes.