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ELKHART, IN – A new RV company is launching at a time when the RV industry struggles through a shortage of workers and supply chain issues. Despite these issues, Encore RV is charging forward, almost embracing the headwinds many companies are facing today, according to a press release from the company.

Encore RV was founded in 2020 by Rich Schnippel, who has been involved in the RV and motorsports trailer industry since 2000, since 2010 with inTech RV.  The new company is planning to introduce their product during the upcoming Elkhart Open House, later this month.  In their inaugural year, Encore RV invites dealers to stop out at their manufacturing facility in Elkhart to look, not only at the campers, but also the production facility and see what makes this company unique.

Encore’s first product line, RŌM, will target the lightweight adventure trailer market that has become increasingly popular over the past 5 years, and Schnippel was a pioneer, designing several of today’s most popular models.  “Our desire is to create a product line which stands apart from other adventure trailers currently offered,” Schnippel stated, “we’ve designed the most well thought out and functional trailers in the market.”

One of the biggest standout features in the RŌM series is the 100% wood-free construction.  Every RŌM trailer showcases a lightweight, fully welded, all-aluminum frame and chassis.  To maintain the wood-free product, Encore utilizes composite floors and interior walls, while cabinetry is manufactured using precision CNC laser cut aluminum. This results in a strong, long-lasting and lightweight product.

Schnippel added, “I think people are going to be surprised at the value we’ve provided.  A lot of time has been spent meeting with and listening to both dealers and retail customers.  They’ve made it clear what’s important and we’ve incorporated those ideas into our designs and construction.  I’ve always enjoyed the design process and creating products which evoke real emotion…a passion you can see and hear when you’re talking to owners. It’s this passion which drives our innovation and motivates us to be better every single day.”

Encore has already begun establishing their dealer network and will be entertaining additional opportunities during the Open House, the release states.

If you would like to see the new RŌM series and learn more about Encore RV, stop out during the Open House. Encore RV is located at 4340 Pine Creek Road in Elkhart, Ind., just a short drive from the RV Hall of Fame.

Contact Rich Schnippel  at or by cell phone at 440-570-3030.


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