Additive Manufacturing- A No Charge Webinar


Date(s) - August 25, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


How 3D Printing Complements Lean Manufacturing


3D Printing, along with its best practices for design, inherently abides by many Lean-based principles.

Overproduction, Extra-Processing, and Inventory are 3 of the wastes that 3D Printing can tackle in your organization’s path to Lean.


We’ll discuss some of the foundational technologies, newer developments in software and materials, as well as applications using 3D Printing that will spark some ideas of your own.

Join us for a presentation by Purdue MEP’s Kyle Squillace as he presents the situations and applications best suited for utilizing 3D Printing in your facility.


Registration is closed for this event.

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