SOLD OUT – Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) – 5 Day Course – August 6,7, and 13,14,15, 2024


Date(s) - August 6, 2024
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County


This five-day workshop provides the basic skills and knowledge you need to work with the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) found in a typical manufacturing plant.  The course begins with a review of relay logic, and then you’ll learn PLC programming, including general logic, timers, counters, and math functions, followed by human-machine interface (HMI) programming.  The workshop includes hands-on labs where you will practice implementing what you have learned on a self-contained PLC system.

PLCs used in this workshop are from Automation Direct, but the basic PLC knowledge and skills you will learn are easily transferable between PLC systems.


  • Explain the hazards that exist when working with electrical systems and guidelines for preventing injuries.
  • Explain what NFPA 79 is and how it relates to PLC system design and programming.
  • Interpret, create, and construct relay ladder logic diagrams and circuits.
  • Explain the components of a typical PLC system and the functionality of each.
  • Distinguish between input and output signals and analog and discrete signals.
  • Interpret, create, construct, and troubleshoot PLC ladder logic diagrams and circuits using basic functions, timers, counters, and math functions.
  • Explain basic steps for troubleshooting PLC systems.

Intended audience:   

  • Engineering and maintenance personnel, technicians, and others who need an introduction to or a refresher of PLCs and PLC programming.


  • Attendees should have general technical competence and be familiar with Windows operating systems.  Previous PLC and electrical experience is helpful but not essential.

Workshop length: 40 hours / 5 days

Location:  Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, 300 NIBCO Parkway, Suite 201, Elkhart, IN

Price:  $1,500 per person

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