Coaching Superior Performance in a COVID-19 Era- a Free Webinar


Date(s) - July 31, 2020
11:00 am - 11:45 am


Coaching superior performance in an era of masks and social distancing is more difficult than pre-COVID-19.  Although this is true, effective coaching is still doable. Coaching is a process, just like other processes used in our daily activities.

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of the coaching process, and will answer the following questions:

What is “coaching superior performance”?

How do we identify the opportunities for coaching?

How do we help an employee acknowledge a performance gap exists?

How do we motivate the employee to close the gap?

How do we assure follow-through and follow-up?


Join us as we explore the answers to these and other questions which will improve our ability to coach effectively.


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