Conflict Resolution Skills in Customer Service


Date(s) - January 27, 2022
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County


Conflict is a common problem in any organization. Often, customer service representatives are uncomfortable dealing with conflict because they do not have a process that keeps emotions under control. The good news is that an understanding of conflict, why it occurs, and how to manage it can help you turn a conflict situation into a positive opportunity for improvement and better customer service. Participants will have the opportunity to identify the key skills that they can practice to improve their ability to handle conflict in a productive way, that will make happy, long-lasting customers.

Learning Objectives:
– Explain why conflict occurs.
– Recognize effective and ineffective ways of handling conflict.
– Apply the correct conflict style to use when in various conflict situations with customers.
– Apply knowledge of the three stages of conflict to prevent unnecessary escalations.
– Explain how listening styles can affect conflict resolution.
– Summarize best practices for mediating and communicating with customers to find a resolution.

Intended audience: New and experienced Customer Service and Sales Representatives who want to develop or improve their conflict resolution skills. Also suitable for individuals who have experience resolving conflict but are in need of new practical ideas for dealing more effectively with customer conflict.

Workshop Length: 4 hours


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