Standard Work/Error Proofing


Date(s) - April 9, 2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

EDC of Elkhart County


This is a combination of our 4-hour Standard Work and 4-hour Error Proofing courses delivered in the same day.

Standard Work

The documentation and application of best practices to allow production operations to be performed the same way each time. In our half-day program we’ll talk about takt time (the time needed to produce a product at a rate equal to the pace of sales); standard work sequence (the order in which a worker performs tasks) and standard in-process inventory (minimum number of parts required to keep a process moving.)


Error Proofing

In order to produce zero defective parts (ideal state), a system needs to be in place to help prevent errors, and increase chances of detection so failure mode occurrences are eliminated. In this overview, we’ll introduce the concept of error proofing and poka yoke, and talk about the types of error-proofing opportunities & categories.

Meet the Instructor:

Ed Hlava – Senior Productivity Specialist



Ed is an Advanced Manufacturing Specialist with the Purdue University Technical Assistance Program, Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center.


Positions included: Quality Assurance Manager, Customer Service Manager, Production Manager, Regional Operations Manager, and Plant Manager. Ed worked primarily in the Printing Industry for the Burroughs Corporation and Standard Register before joining Purdue University’s Technical Assistance Program. Prior responsibilities included continuous improvement development, profit and loss management, and operational growth. As a Lean/Six Sigma Champion, Black Belt mentor, and certified Green Belt, Ed has successfully applied these methodologies to prioritize, manage, develop and sustain process efficiencies.

Skills & Expertise:

Ed has over 25 years manufacturing management experience in both operations and a manufacturing environment. He has an AS degree in Printing Technology and BS degree in Printing Management from West Virginia University, Institute of Technology.

  • Lean Bronze Certification from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
  • The Shingo Prize for Excellence
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ)



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