Statistical Process Control (SPC) with Capability


Date(s) - May 21, 2024
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County


Statistical process control (SPC) involves using statistics – numbers and data – to measure and control the quality of a process. Manufacturers use SPC to reduce reject rates, save money and time, and ultimately consistently deliver products that meet customers’ requirements. In this all-day workshop, which includes numerous hands-on activities and realistic examples, you’ll learn about SPC concepts that you can easily apply to your everyday work in manufacturing or quality.


  • Define statistical process control and explain why companies use it to control quality.
  • Calculate measures of central tendency and variability.
  • Create and interpret histograms.
  • Describe the elements of a control chart, including the process location and control limits.
  • Explain the difference between control limits and specification limits.
  • Create and interpret I/MR and Xbar & R control charts.
  • Calculate control limits for control charts.
  • Explain the differences between common cause variation and special cause variation.
  • Identify if special cause variation is present in a control chart.
  • Define process capability and explain how it differs from statistical control.
  • Calculate and interpret capability indices, including Cpk, Cp, Ppk, and Pp.
  • Follows AIAG SPC guidelines (Quality Core Tools).


Intended audience: Individuals in manufacturing and quality roles who have existing knowledge of mathematics for manufacturing, quality tools, and quality concepts.

Workshop length: 8 hours

Cost: $199 per person until May 7, then $219 per person

Location:  Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, 300 NIBCO Parkway, Suite 201, Elkhart, IN

Register By: May 15

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