Introduction to Industrial Electrical Principles and Troubleshooting, Part 1 – CLASS IS NOW FULL


Date(s) - October 24, 2023 - October 26, 2023
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County


This three-day workshop covers the foundational concepts of electricity, including terms, circuits, direct and alternating current, and logic gates. The course also includes numerous exercises and examples. Participants who complete this course can expect to gain knowledge and learn skills useful in an industrial environment.


  • List common electrical hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Define common electrical terms, including voltage, current, resistance, and power.
  • Explain the differences between series, parallel, and combination circuits.
  • Apply Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Laws to circuits.
  • Explain the differences between direct current and alternating current.
  • Convert decimal numbers to binary numbers.
  • Define logic gates and functions and interpret logic gates and logic gate combinations.
  • Apply the logic to functions of industrial machines standard start/stop latching circuits and safety circuits.
  • Explain the function of standard sensors, actuators, signal conditioners, signal circuits, and industrial communication networks.

Intended audience:    Appropriate for all levels; it is recommended that participants possess good math skills.

Workshop length: 3 days/24 hours    (October 24, 25 & 26)

Location:  Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, 300 NIBCO Parkway, Suite 201, Elkhart, IN

Price:  $597 per person

Register by October 18


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