Investment in Elkhart County Industrial Facilities Up This Year

Investment in jobs, new industrial buildings up so far in 2014

Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2014 3:00 am | Updated: 10:57 am, Wed Nov 19, 2014.


GOSHEN — The Elkhart County economy got big boosts this year with more than $108 million in new investments by new and existing companies, according to the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County.

Those investments are expected to create 1,661 new jobs, according to the agency.

Dorinda Heiden-Guss, president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Corp., said the agency’s new focus on raising the standard of living and overall quality of life in the county is beginning to pay off. The agency announced earlier this year its change in purpose from trolling for new industries to locate in the county, to attracting new businesses and helping expanding businesses that pay higher-than-average wages.

She said the two new industries that located in Bristol industrial parks were Alliance Sheets and Satellite Industries. Alliance Sheets invested $25 million in a facility and added 50 jobs with a wage scale of $20.80 per hour. Satellite Industries invested $6.9 million in a facility and created 70 jobs with a wage scale of $25.56 per hour.

“So that’s pretty impressive,” Heiden-Guss said. “What we are trying to do is bring quality paying jobs to the market and diversification.”

She said the EDC assisted with 18 projects, 16 of which were expansions, and the two new companies in Bristol.



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EDC’s New Focus Brings Significant Results


November 12, 2014

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EDC’s New Focus Brings Significant Results

Elkhart County  — “Over $108 million in new investment from existing and prospective companies has been announced in 2014,” states Dorinda Heiden-Guss, President and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County.

More importantly, the new focus in raising the standard of living and overall quality of life is being addressed by the not-for-profit corporation in realigning its talent and financial resources.  In 2013, the EDC secured $72 million with a weighted average salary of $15.47 an hour.  However, in 2014, the EDC is announcing over $108 million with a weighted average salary of $23.70 an hour.

“This is a significant difference in how the EDC of Elkhart County is doing business,” according to Heiden-Guss.  “Thanks to our board of directors and strategic direction, Elkhart County and region will benefit from this new focus.”

Continuing, she shares that the EDC is supporting existing companies with programs for expansions, connecting with resources and understanding the challenge in securing enough workers.  “This is why the EDC is building a program for diversification.  By broadening the types of businesses in our local market, different talents and skill bases are needed.  It also may bring the needed balance to offset the ebb and flows of our marketplace.”

The EDC team is enthusiastic about the continuing successful outcomes through the end of 2014, Heiden-Guss adds.  “We bring value by helping businesses be profitable when they create quality jobs in the ever-changing global market.”

Founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit corporation, the EDC of Elkhart County’s mission is to create an economically vibrant community by recruiting, retaining and strengthening our county’s economic base and by being a catalyst for diversification, innovation and economic change.

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